The MTT is an Inter Club event; this year it was Desborough SC  turn to host it. It was long, tough but hugely enjoyable.

Richard’s SigneT was unloaded from his trailer at 9.00am and launched soon afterwards.

It joined two other Aquarius boats, a Bosun and Graduate, which were already in the water, having been towed to Desborough by Bryan Clements the day before.

Once the rigging was complete the Aquarius trio were ready for the off – the first race being 11.00am.

Brenda crewed for Richard and Kevin helped (or was it a hindrance) Rodger. Bryan was our lone wolf for the day.

The hosts had 7 boats, while Hampton and Staines fielded 4 each, which made the start, with 18 boats, resemble the beginning of a Formula1 Grand Prix race with everyone jockeying for pole position.

The SW force 0 to 2 gust 3 wind was very variable, patchy and shifty; especialy going up to the first mark which the mass of boat had a job to round

 Richard made a good start but was pasted by most of the fleet by the first mark

After 10 minutes or so the course became less congested as the leading boats stretched out ahead.

We were cheered on by the avid Aquarius supporters Gareth, Di and Phil.

One hour later we were glad to be back on land and looking forward to lunch.

The weather slowly deteriorated in time for the first race of the afternoon. The wind was up and dark clouds were gathering. Bryan sat this race out while Richard and Rodger ploughed on valiantly.

Rain arrived in time for the last race, which had a different course and included something called a sausage, and the wind was much stronger. With so many boats on the sausage it was very crowded but sailing was better.

Bryan retired followed shortly afterwards by Richard who was going for safety rather than speed; there were several capsizes.

After three challenging one hour races it was time for tea, beer, cakes and the results.

Calculating the results seemed complicated but Hampton the winners had 30 points, Desborough 34, Staines 85 and Aquarius was last with 149.

Mid-Thames Trophy  
Saturday 3 September
A challenging day at Desborough
Kevin and Brenda Lavery

Desborough SC