Getting Around a Course Faster Glossary

Glossary of terms used in the newcomers talk on Sunday 1 May 2016

Transom - Rear frame of dinghy on which the rudder is attached

Uphaul - Rope (or halyard) used to raise the mainsail

Outhaul - Rope or tackle used to pull the foot of the mainsail out along the boom

Kicking Strap - Tackle used to prevent the boom rising

Main Sheet - Rope (or sheet) used to control the mainsail

Jib Sheets - Rope (or sheet) that controls the set of a headsail or jib

Burgee/Windex - Indicators showing the direction of the prevailing wind

Starboard Tack - A dinghy is on starboard tack when the wind is coming over the starboard side of the dinghy

Windward Boat - A dinghy which is adjacent and upwind of a downwind dinghy

Wind Shifts - A sudden change of wind direction possibly requiring a rapid change of course

Heading Up - Sailing a dinghy as close to the wind as possible without going head to wind

Bearing Away - Turning away from the wind

Stalling - Stalling or going into irons is when a dinghy has its bow pointing directly into wind

Pinching - To sail too close to the wind so that the sails start to luff (can no longer pull)

Gybe - To change course (bear away) from one tack to the other with the wind from behind