A River Users Group meeting which ends with several members congratulating the chairman on the positive nature of the updates received is a rare event, but this is what happened at the RUG 8 meeting at Thames Motor Yacht Club on 19th April attended by Richard Cannon and Graham Thompson. To a great extent this was due to the EA (Environment Agency) being represented by a team of 3 who gave updates on actions under way for a range of sunken, abandoned and illegally moored boats on the reach from Sunbury lock to Molesey lock.

One urgent issue merits specific reporting, namely the potential loss of the 500 year old Hampton ferry service due to a plan for a water activities centre on the Surrey bank, which includes canoe launching beaches either side of the landing stage for the ferry. The conflict between the motorised ferry and the canoes would result in the loss of the insurance cover without which the ferry service could not continue. The period for lodging objections ends on 27th April.

River Users Group Meeting (RUG) 2018