Rules and Racing Introduction

At times we sail very close to other craft on very crowded water so for our safety rules are necessary. Knowing who has to keep clear and who has right of way is very important.

Even if you think you have no interest in racing, everyone should have a basic understanding of the “rules of the road” and of the racing rules. You cannot helm the patrol boat competently if you do not understand what craft are likely to do.

We will cover the fundamentals in the Newcomers talk on Sun 2 April at 1.30pm

The Environment Agency’s Boaters Handbook and Bylaws set out basic principles of navigation for all craft on our part of the Thames.

Between sailing boats racing the RYA Racing Rules of Sailing (2017-2020) apply. There is an AQSC copy at the top right of the bookshelf which is an update to the 2013-2016 rules. They are based on World Sailing The Racing Rules of Sailing.

Above all keep a very good lookout for other craft and if in doubt assume you don’t have right of way and are the keep clear boat.