Doing the Continental
At Aquarius on 21 April 2018
Kevin Lavery  

 We then had to, as Hercule Poirot would say,  ‘test our little grey cells.’ This was a fiendishly tricky and crafty quiz, designed to sharpen us up after the feast.

I don’t think anyone got all the questions right, but who cares. More wine Senor?

“The Continental, hmmmmm.”  It was truly Continental...bravo

For the organising and the cooking a huge thanks goes to Jean Maracchi, Diana Carpenter, and the barmen Peter Carpenter and Mike Hendra.

Un grand merci.

As Fred Astaire sang:

“It's very subtle, The Continental.”

“It has a passion, The Continental.”

“It's quite the fashion, The Continental.”

And boy, this meal had passion, fashion and subtlety in spades.

French coarse Pate and Tapenade with Italian Crostini was a delight.

The Spanish Chicken with butter beans and salad was delicious - la comida era deliciosa.

This was followed by Portuguese pasteis de nata and Italian affogatto, which made the perfect dessert.