Scam warning

Richard Cannon received a NHS letter with a link to book on line; the nearest, at Epsom, was too far so he decided to wait.

A few days later he received a text message on his phone from GPSurgery (NwSurrey Improved Access Hubs, may be his surgery), with a personalised link to book on line (there was also a phone number).

He booked at Chertsey (about 6 miles); he only had to give his date of birth and select a date/time on a calendar.

After a day or so he looked to see if there was anywhere closer; Walton (3 miles) was available and it was easy to cancel Chertsey and book at Walton on Sunday.

Then he found the weather forecast for Sunday was snow so he cancelled and booked Saturday at Walton.

There was only a few minutes wait to go in. The vaccine process started 20 minutes after my appointment time, after completion I was given a vaccine record card and there was a 15 minute wait in case there were side effects. I left an hour after arriving. Everything went very well.

Covid-19 Booking and Receiving Jab Experience