Frostbite Cruise and
Lunch 2016


Athough it was very cold, 6°C, five members went for a cruise in the patrol boat. Jon Larsson was helming for Michelle L, Richard C, Liz A, and Joan C. Jon decided to go to Molesey Weir for a change. There was 1 knot current and it only took 20 minutes to reach, with the return taking 30 minutes. There was time to go to Sunbury Lock but they decided it was too cold.

The fairly steady 6 mph NW wind was enough for Bryan Clements to sail his Graduate local to the club and make way against the current.

Thirteen members enjoyed a welcome lunch of home made sausage plait, jacket potatos, cabbage and macaroni cheese followed by jelly and fruit salad.

In the afternoon there was a quiz and tea & cakes. 23 members came to the club.

About to leave for Molesey

Keeping warm before leaving

Thanks to Helen Barnett, Diana Carpenter, and other helpers for organising and preparing this successful event.