New Year’s Day 2022

After the Bosun failed to keep just below the start line I towed both boats up to the channel marker and gave the instruction that the race should initially be on the basis that the last boat to sail backwards past the Aquarius race line would be the winner, but that if both boats managed to at least hold their positions against the current, making this race interminable, they should come together and race down river on the basis that the first boat past the start line should be the winner. Josh won the first stage by sailing up the backwater, where the current was weaker, but on the return leg he lost all steerage for a long period and drifted sideways down river, allowing Nigel to lead at the end. Nigel wisely treated the ramp as the finish line, which I was happy to accept

Yesterday wasn’t the best sail I’ve had – but it was enjoyable nevertheless. The stream was running quite fast (2knt, yellow board warning) and the wind was a patchy 2-3 SW, so it was a challenge to keep station. Josh sailed a laser with a Rooster rig and managed to get round one lap but meanwhile in my Bosun I was progressing steadily towards Hampton Court.

We elected for Graham to tow us up to the Channel Marker where Josh successfully explored the back water to the amusement of some residents. The wind picked up a bit and Josh put in the first submission of the year for the water rat!

Jean and Mike once again provided some excellent cakes.