Working Party Saturday 13 May 2017
By Frank Rainsborough

Club stalwarts tuned up to view the list of jobs that awaited attention. Some jobs on the list would continue to wait on the list, and wait, and wait ........

Members who are also members of MTYC were absent because MTYC also had an important event on.

The motivated volunteers cracked on with various tasks; cleaning, cutting hedges, and bagging up rubbish. Some starting jobs were started, such as a certain patrol boat’s reluctant engine, and a new crazy paving area in the trailer park was commenced.  

Importantly, preparations were made to take the Club’s Graduate dinghy and an Aquarius ‘Welcome, please come in‘ tent to Bushy Park’s Chestnut Sunday event on the next day. This is great publicity for our Open days.

The day ended with the workers treated to a delicious lunch; a chicken casserole with jacket potato and a bread & butter pudding dessert. Deborah Lea and Joan Courtney had spent all day preparing it. Roll on another working party, followed by a lunch with friends!