Sailing and Social Program March 2009 - March 2010  Go to Nov  updated 13Nov2009

Sailing Instructons (PDF file 15kb)
There is a change in format this year. The 11:30 am race will generally be a Spring or Autumn Series race and will start on time; races will not be delayed because competitors are not ready; race officers please note.
The 2:00 pm event will be Training, a Fun Race, or Cruising (TFC) with emphasis on giving less experienced members a better sailing experience.
The 3:30 pm race will generally be a Spring/Autumn, a Summer or 2 Sprint Series races.
The Wednesday afternoon Series will start on 13 May and end on 9 September; start time will be 4pm.
The Cundy Trophy long distance race will take place, on a day when the weather is suitable, concurrent with the scheduled Sunday afternoon race.
Youth Event: On the 9th, 23rd, and 30th of May and the 6th and 13th of June, these dates are Saturdays, starting a 1 pm and finishing at 5 pm we are holding a youth training programme culminating on the 20th of June at the AQSC regatta with the youth certificate presentation and a youth race.
.Members needing help with rigging etc or who wish to crew need to arrive at least 45 minutes before the start of an event.
Tea and cakes will be served at 3pm on Sunday race days.
 MARCH 2009
 15  Working party 10:30am. Come along with gardening tools and clothes. Lunch will be provided  - Nigel Knowles
 Sat 21    Start Of Season Party buffet 7:30pm- Nigel Knowles
 29  Spring Race 1  TFC  Spa Race 1   BST begins
 5  Spring Race 2  TFC  Spa Race 2
Sat 11    Indoor Olympics - Mike Baker
 12  Easter Egg Trophy, 4 races, best 3 count  Monday is Bank Holiday
 19  Spring Race 3  TFC  Spa Race 3   
 Sat 25  Working party 10:30am. Come along with gardening tools and clothes. Lunch will be provided - Tony Hopkins
 26  Spring Race 4  TFC  Sprint Race 1 & 2 
 Sat 2  Mid-Thames Trophy at Staines SC
 3  Fun and training races 
 Mon 4  Minima SC, Kingstion, RNLI Round the Island (Ravens Ait) and May Merrie Cup Open (Provisional)
 10  Spring Race 5  TFC  Spa Race 4  SCOA Paxton Lakes Saturday and Sunday
 Sat 16  AQSC Club Open Weekend   DIY BBQ - no one allocated
 17  Open day, "All on the Water", find out  if your boat still floats.    
 24  Training for new members and fun Sailing
 Mon 25  Visit to Bewl Valley Sailing Club Family sailing General details
 31  Spring Race 6  TFC  Sprint Race 3 & 4
 7  Spring Race 7  TFC  Summer Race 1 
 14  Spring Race 8  TFC  Summer Race 2
 Sat 20  AQSC REGATTA  Hog Roast 7:30 pm - Nigel Knowles
 21  AQSC REGATTA and Strawberry cream teas
 Wed 24
 Mid Summer Day cruise - publicity NK & RC
 Sat 27  HAMPTON REGATTA, AQSC INVITED  SCOA Grafham Water, Wiimbledon tennis 22Jun-5Jul 
 5  Spring Race 9  TFC  Summer  Race 3  Wimbledon final
 12  Spring Race 10  TFC  Sprint Race 5 & 6   End of Hampton Court flower show (7-12 Jul)
 Sat 18  Molesey Regatta, No sailing  General Knowledge Quiz 7:30 pm, by Mike  Baker, at 7:30pm,
 with fish  and chips supper - Diana Carpenter.  NOTE changed
 19  Spring Race 11  TFC  Summer Race 4  Molesey youth/disabled event
 26  Spring Race 12  TFC  Summer Race 5 
 2  Autumn Race 1  TFC  Summer Race 6
 3-7  Chichester Yacht Club Family Week
 9  Autumn Race 2  TFC  Summer Race 7  SCOA Nationals at Ullswater YC 9-14 August
 15    Bring Your Own BBQ followed by trip to Sunbury Regatta fireworks
 Note BBQ date changed from 16 August - Nigel Knowles - Details
 16  Autumn Race 3  TFC  Summer Race 8  
 23  Autumn Race 4  TFC  Sprint Race 7 & 8
 30  Fun, Cruising, Training
 Mon 31  Visit to Bewl Valley Sailing Club Family Sailing General details
Sat 5  Minima SC Regatta Open even
 06  Autumn Race 5  TFC  Summer Race 9  Minima SC Regatta Open event
Sat 12    Skittles at Grantley Arms 6:00pm, Wonersh with Lyn Baker's Badmington Club. Booking with Mike Baker (020 8393 5495)NOTE changed
 13  Autumn Race 6  TFC  Summer Race 10
 20  Autumn Race 7   TFC  Sprint Race 9 & 10  SCOA Ferry Meadows
 27  Autumn Race 8  TFC  Summer Race 11
 Sat 3    Open Bosun Dinghy Regatta at the Royal Navy Sailing Centre 
 4  Autumn Race 9  TFC  Spa Race 5  Open Bosun Dinghy Regatta at the Royal Navy Sailing Centre
 Sat 10   Working party 10:30am. Come along with gardening tools and clothes. Lunch will be provided  -Tony Hopkins, Linda Rowley
 11  Autumn Race 10  TFC  Spa Race 6
 Sat 17
 Wheeler Casino 7:30 pm
 18  Autumn Race 11  TFC  Sprint Race 11 & 12
 25  Autumn Race 12  TFC  Spa Race 7
 1  Autumn Race 13  TFC  Spa Race 8
Sat 7    Fireworks at Kempton Park then soup & victuals at Club
 8  Autumn Race 14  TFC  Spa Race 9
 Sat 21    AQSC Annual Dinner 7.30pm
29   Working party 10:30am. Clear upstream moorings & trailer park. Come along with gardening tools. Lunch will be provided
 5     AGM, Prize Giving and End of Season Party 7.30pm
 13  Cheats Christmas lunch 12:30pm & family games - Tony Hopkins
 17  Lunch 12:30 pm and Pantomine - Rodger Wheeler
 14  Ladies Day lunch 12:30pm -Tony Hopkins
 28   Lunch 12:30 pm and frostbite cruise/scavenger hunt- Liz Archer
 MARCH 2010
 Sat 20  Start of Season Party 7:30pm 
 28  Spring Race 1  TFC  Spa Race 1