AQSC Officers and Committee 2004 Updated 12Jan2004

Following the AGM on 7 December 2003 there are a few changes to the Committee, names of members new to a post are in italic. Other years: 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000

With the reduction in effort required on external issues we revert to one Rear Commodore post held by Eric Bridgewater. On the Management Committee Peter Carpenter takes over from Mick Rogers as Bar Manager, Pat Irving joins with Health and Safety responsibilities, Charles Dennis, Bob Gloyn and Barry Jones leave the Management Committee; many thanks for their past help.


Commodore & Publicity

Mike Baker


George Bray

Vice Commodore

Nigel Knowles

Hon. Boatswain

Laurie Bridges

Rear Commodore

Eric Bridgewater

Hon. Harbourmaster

Bryan Clements

Hon. Secretary

Joan Bray

Hon. Sailing Secretary

Richard Cannon

Hon. Treasurer

Joan Garrett

Hon. Social Secretary

Diana Carpenter



Rodger Wheeler 

Peter Carpenter

Charles Dennis

John Neale

Graham Thompson

Mick Rogers

Pat Irvin

Ron Munden









Diana Carpenter (Chair)

George Bray

Joan Bray

Richard Cannon


Pat Irvin

Peter Carpenter

Mary Dennis

Bob Sumner


Mick Rogers

Lynda Rowley

Janet Edwards



Rodger Wheeler

Linda Wheeler




Hon. Auditor Graham Thompson

Peter Carpenter is also Bar Manager and organises a team of bar people to serve on race days, Wednesday and other Social evenings.

All our committee members work for you on a voluntary basis carrying out a variety of tasks. There is quite a bit to do to prepare for the new season - if you can spare a few hours, your help will be much appreciated.

Contact details for committee members can be obtained from Richard Cannon (Phone 01932 786636)
Also there are many Aquarius e-mail addresses to contact committee members as shown below: