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This event was the brainchild of Jean Maracchi who also organised the evening.

The evening, strictly restricted to prepaid ticket holders, and was externally catered by a company specialising in South American cuisine. Some forty members were welcomed from 7:00pm with a caipirinha cocktail, prepared by Mike Hendra. Next Jean had prepared a quiz, in keeping with the evening. As a result I think we all learned a lot more about Latin America than we thought we knew.

The quiz was followed by a variety of Latin American foods including Tostadas: the original Mexican canapé, guacamole and Atlantic prawns; Chicken fillet churrasco marinated in chimichurri sauce; Empadas de Galinha: mini chicken pies from Brazil; Pao de Quieijo, little fried cheesy bread dumplings (v); Bolhinos de bacalhau , classic cod croquettes and Bite size empanada filled with latin veg and mozzarella. (v) It was all utterly delicious.

This was followed by a dancing lesson where those that were up to it were taught to dance the Macarena. Some more successfully than others I must add. The organised part of the evening ended with various blindfolded members attacking a Pinata which was suspended from the ceiling and had been filled with various things by Alice Lea. Absolutely hilarious.

Many thanks to Jean and Mike for a great evening which I'm sure will be long remembered.

Jean serving

Latin American Evening - 20 September 2014