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4 December AGM and prize giving at 19:00. The management committee have considered how the government's recent tightening of Covid restrictions should impact the event which is likely to be the largest indoor gathering of members since the pandemic began.  Would all participants please bring masks and wear them except when addressing the meeting or eating/drinking.  In addition would participants with lateral flow tests available please carry out a test during Saturday morning.

10 November and beyond. There will continue to be tea and cakes at 15:00 on Sundays and there will be back to back racing from 13:00 if conditions are suitable. We will need volunteer OODs and patrol boat helms. Please use DutyMan to volunteer for these roles. The club will not be open for winter Wednesday bar nights except for Xmas nibbles on Wednesday 15 December.


14 November Fine warm day for fhe first Sunday of the extended sailing season. The forecast was N 8-16 mph but at the weather station it was half this and force 0-1 sailing; there was 0.3knt current. Graham launched his Gull and could only make way upstream very close to the bank. Nigel decided he would be better working on a patrol boat. No one else wanted to sail. Di Cowley and Jean Maracchi provided cakes for about 14 members.

07 November The last race day in the season's programme was fine and sunny with a 7 to 15 mph NW wind, force 1 to 2 gust 3, rather shifty but a reasonable sail for a change, 7 boats were sailing, 6 racing.

30 October Work party. Fortunately although the day started very wet later it was fine and dry for the 24 members who got a lot of jobs done. Details and jobs.

16 October We have decided to remain cautious and keep the club at step 2/3 until 17 October. We have moved the club to step 4 of the road map to resuming activities. There is no change to Sundays; there will be patrol boat cover from 11:30 for informal sailing and other activities; there will be race starts at 13:00, 14:00, 15:30 and refreshments at 15:00

03 October A very shift and gusty windy and a squall near the end of the 2nd race that made sailing almost impossible. Video by Josh (4:20).

Saturday 2 October Raining from 12:00 so the decision to cancel the workparty was fully justified.

Saturday 11 September The Mid-Thames Trophy Inter Club Team event at Desborough SC had a good 9 mph West wind. NOR. Five boats were towed there, by the patrol boat, with masts down for going under bridges. There were only 3 clubs participating and AQSC were the only one with five boats, the maximum allowed. Desborough won and AQSC were 2nd. 8 minute. Mid-Thames Trophy at Desborough SC 9:00 video from leaving AQSC by Josh.

 Wed 23 June Very little wind for sailing to the Weir Hotel for dining; Don Barnett towed 2 Bosuns with his cruiser. Returming Nigel and Roger had an hour long battle to outpace the current in near zippo winds, they both hopped back onto the bank, torches in hand, expressing their enjoyment from the challenge! Sailors, I don't know. Graham

13 June Hottest day of the year. The lowest wind speed forecast I have seen; 1 mph gust 2 mph any direction. Fortunately at times there was more.  For the last race boats were towed up to the Channel Marker. Some juniors in Picos had much more fun praticing capsize recovery; a link to some photos taken by Rob Britton.

02 June The start of Wednesday afternoon activities; there was a variety of them and a gentle wind from the East. Nigel and Mike sailed Bosun 34 to the Magpie for lunch. Sonia McGrath and her daughter Isabel kayaked upriver with Alastair. Don headed up river in Aquarius to keep an eye on them. Nigel, Mike and Graham rearranged some trailers in the trailer park, then Graham kayaked to Molesey lock in his new kayak. Five had food and drink on the quarter deck as the sun set.

Photos from events are in Google Photos and stories are in the Stories page

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BBC, Metcheck, MetOffice.
Environment Agency, River Conditions

Dutyman is now active and if you have duties you should have received a DutyMan email notifying you of your duties.

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09 May One video for three races and Virtual races (Josh and Mike B) 07:45. More sailing videos.

18 April Josh W and Mike B were wearing Josh’s GPS watches and Josh has created Sunrise Virtual Race replay (3 minutes at 10 x speed):  

04 April  The first racing since 3 November 2019 after relaxing of Covid restrictions. Easter Egg Trophy results, photos and story.

25 March The RYA have revised their Roadmap for starting sailing.

23 March Every 4 years a new edition of the RRS (Racing Rules of Sailing) is published by World Sailing; this year’s edition, 2021-2024, has been published which means sailors should be aware of the changes. The RYA published “RYA Racing Rules Guidance 2021-2024” which includes “Changes to the Racing Rules from January 2021”. It is very long, 116 pages, fortunately only pages 16 to 24 deal with changes. I don’t think there are any game changers.  

28 January Thames Water have installed a new combo lock on the outer gate to Lower Sunbury Rd; after setting the code the button on the bottom needs to be pressed to unlock. This replaces the old multiple locks. You should all have received the new combo number from Graham Thompson. If not please contact him.